Posted by: sixthlaw | May 20, 2010

Janellish Logo – Revisited

Once again my client from the Etsy domain Janellish has asked to create another design. I found last time that using 3D tools to create a logo was not the most efficient approach in creating a professional logo design, so instead this time I used the open-source vector-based graphics tool Inkscape. I love this peice of software; its user friendly and professional. After one hour of broadcasting my screen live to my client and voiping, we reached an end product that we were very happy with! The earthy and olive came first as a winner, the other two just look nice.

Enjoy! 🙂

This is the design that won the day!

My personal favourite!

Posted by: sixthlaw | May 17, 2010

Architectural Visulization

 Recently in my Housing and Design class we started a Room Extension Project. In this project we need to create a design has good lighting, heating, ventilation and an ensuite. Here is my design and renders of the project. Rendered in SmallLuxGpu and tweaked in Blender.

Posted by: sixthlaw | April 8, 2010

Lambo Cubism!


Well, as I was strolling through the world wide inta-webs yesterday I saw a lovely looking cube. So simple, yet extremely well done. As you can imagine I was slightly annoyed at how much I like it so I created something simple myself!:D

Lambo and Baby Box

Click on Image and follow link to larger Image.

And a smaller counter Part. The Baby Box.

Click on image to follow link to larger image.

We all if any one viewing this forum is curious as to the nodes I have used or how to use them please comment on the post:P For now I wish you all happy Blendering.


Posted by: sixthlaw | February 22, 2010

Blender 2.5 Alpha 1 released!



Its here!:) Blender 2.5 alpha-1 is packed with hundreds of bug fixes and multiple new features. The smoke modifier has been modified and improved, and there has also been the addition of new and awesome features like Volume Rendering, new GUI, sculpt tool improvements, Particle system improvements, Smoke simulations, Ray-trace optimization and much more! 🙂 check out the 2.5 log for more detail.

I know what I’m doing when I get home!:)

Posted by: sixthlaw | February 9, 2010

GPU based render engines – The future of rendering.

With the release of Nvidias new OpenCL drivers, on comes a new age of rendering! Originally rendering was number crunching by the CPU, but CPU’s weren’t made to create high-def imagery, so developers thought of a peice of hardware better suited; the GPU. So the age of GPU based rendering has been born!

This image took 4 MINUTES to render!! In any cpu based renderer this render could take between 20-40 hours!!

Octane renderer is the worlds first GPU based, unbiased, physically based renderer. This renderer has revolutionised rendering as it is 20-30x faster rendering, depending on the GPU! That is the difference between a 32 hour render, and a 5 minute render! Just in case your wondering… THATS AWESOME! 😀

The best graphics card for rendering currently is the gtx260 (my card! 😉 )

An exciting new age has dawned! 🙂

Octane Renderer Website

Posted by: sixthlaw | October 28, 2009

Etsy- Header for client.

Recently I was asked to make a header, for a client, on Etsy. With this project time was spent mainly on the 3D aspect. A few different ideas were tossed around (header on grass?), and a concluding peice of artwork was created. Here are a few screenshots of the setup and so on. 


Blender Screenshot.

In grass?? 


This was a nice start.

And here is the final product. White as a end gradient worked best with the page. 



The Etsy page can be found at: 

Estimated project time; 6 hours

Posted by: sixthlaw | August 27, 2009

Blender Game Engine- Realsim and lighting tutorial.

These are a few snapshots of the much awaited tutorial in the BGE . In researching the design and techninques for realistic and nice looking GE graphics, I am completing this tutorial on Realism and NICE CGI in the blender game engine, for the learning experience of other blenderheads. Here are a few Snapshots of the soon-arriving tutorial.


Another BGE shot.

Another BGE shot.


Another nine BGE shot.

Another nine BGE shot.

Posted by: sixthlaw | March 12, 2009

BLENDER project.

Well Here is a small sea life project I fiddled around with for a few hours one Saturday. Just a texture and lighting test.


Jelly Fish